GirlLEAD Talent Accelerator Women in Data Boot-camp -
a one-year fully-funded scholarship to acquire data skills

In our efforts to equip more women and girls with the skills they need to succeed in our fast expanding digital world, we are excited to announce our partnership with Datacamp. This partnership is pivotal towards GirlLEAD's mission of equipping 10,000 women and girls with solid skills in STEM, IT and business by 2025.

Datacamp is an online learning platform that helps learners build data skills including Python, R programming, Business analysis, to non-coding essentials like spreadsheets, BI tools and more advanced paths like data engineering, data science and machine learning.

Through this partnership, GirlLEAD is offering a 1-year premium access to all courses, skill proficiency assessments, guided and self-paced projects, and data science competitions all on the Datacamp platform. There are a myriad of tracks to choose from including: R Programming, Python Programming, SQL, Spreadsheets, Business Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, and more...

What is GirlLEAD Women in Data Boot-camp?

This is a one-year virtual boot-camp for girls and young women of African descent to acquire beginner to advanced data skills. For participants who have some experience working with data, this is also an opportunity to take part in projects and competitions on the Datacamp platform so that you can build your portfolio, gain hands-on experience and confidently take on data science job interviews.

In 2022, over 3,700 applications were received from across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, the UK, Morocco, South Africa, and 16 other African countries. We are proud to share that out of the 1,100 women awarded scholarships last year, 817 scholars completed the program and reported achieving personal or professional success, including landing jobs and internships, gaining admission to and graduating from university programs, completing data science projects, and winning data hackathon awards.

Usually, this program would cost $399 annually per person, but we are offering this program at no cost to you. Please be mindful that though some portions of the program are at no cost, your kind support through donations will help us maintain and expand our programs to better serve the African continent.

Why register for GirlLEAD Women in Data Boot-camp?

Student Entry Requirements

Program structure: Online self-paced study, 1-2 hours mandatory bi-weekly catch-ups, Weekly assignments, Discussion forums and Group activities.

Program date: July 2023 to July 2024

Program cost: Free of charge (Fully-funded scholarship)

Application closes 12th July, 2023.

Seats are limited, so your dedication and consistency throughout the program is vital to your success and the success of this program.