The GirlLEAD Project -
Promoting gender inclusion in tech
and entrepreneurship
GirlLEAD provides a reliable, accessible and affordable platform for girls and young women to acquire world-class technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills so that they can follow their dreams of becoming change-makers and problem-solvers in the world. We know Africa’s economic future depends on the full utilization of human capital in technology and industry which is why we are bridging the digital gender divide through education, training and employment in IT and entrepreneurship.
Program Structure
GirlLEAD programs are designed to help you:
Our tech boot-camps will provide a solid foundation and career jumpstarts in:
Project Management
Learn Project Initiation, Plannning, Execution, Controlling, Closure and More. Develop a project from scratch and take it to execution!
Computer science and Programming
Begin with the foundations of computing, Introduction to programming, Dive deeper into Web and Mobile App Development, Chatbots & More!
Product Design
Begin with learning Design Principles, Design elements, Typography, Creative Expressions, and dive deeper into User interface and User experience design.
Digital Marketing
Own Your Internet Space! Learn Content marketing, Digital Strategy, Social media marketing, SEO optimization, Ecommerce and Paid Advertising!
Social Entrepreneurship
Become a problem-solver, Identify opportunities, Start a social venture, Write business plans and models, Learn social impact financing, leadership, impact assessment, and how social businesses communicate.
Business Development
Learn how to take an idea to market. Assess business opportunities, Pitching and storytelling, GTM, PMF, Financial Modeling, Startups, Implementation, and Funding.
Product Management
Understand how to use business cases and market driven research. Learn Agile, Product thinking, Metrics, Strategy, Roadmapping, Stakeholder management, and Launch. Build a unique product.
Machine and Deep Learning
Step up your basic Python skills. Dive deeper into data science. Build, deploy and maintain machine learning projects
Past Programs
GirlLEAD has trained more than 3500 women and girls across 36 African countries. Over 84% of our fellows experience significant growth in their career paths within a year. They have achieved higher income and are able to afford a better quality of life to support their families and communities.
Boot-camp 1.0 Benin and Enugu
The pilot cohort organised by students for students at the University of Benin in 2016 and the University of Nigeria in 2019
What participants said
It was an awesome experience for me, infact it was life changing. Apart from gaining knowledge in tech, I met young amazing persons who challenged me to become better. Through GirlLEAD, I discovered my flair for tech and how to put it to use.

GirlLEAD helped me in boosting my confidence. I now know my dreams of starting a social venture is not unrealistic. With proper planning, support and communicating with those I need, I can get things done. Social entrepreneurship made me think right and see how much of a change maker and innovator I could become.
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Boot-camp 2.0 Benin
The second cohort comprised a combination of boot-camps and meetups at secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
What participants said
GirlLEAD answered my many unanswered questions about tech and opened my eyes to opportunities in the tech world. GirlLEAD was the right platform for me to start.

I had little or no idea about tech in question. I just love to do creative designs with my hands and at GirlLEAD, I have now learnt how to make these ideas better with technology and I am ready to give it a try and put in my best, thanks alot GirlLEAD.
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Boot-camp 3.0 Benin
Boot-camp 3.0 Benin was proudly supported by the U.S. States Department.
What participants said
Massively. I had a lot of benefits from GirlLEAD. I was introduced to something I never really knew much about (Data Science ) and that has given me a new ground in my field. I now have the confidence and experience which I would put to use in writing my final year project on computational linguistics.

When I joined GirlLEAD, I had no idea what social entrepreneurship was about, but after 14 weeks of extensive learning, I not only know what it entails but I have been able to build a plan for my own social enterprise. Thank you GirlLEAD and US Consulate Lagos.
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